Autographed 80R Auction

This morning we listed the first of two autographed books for auction on Ebay.  The covers are signed by three of the drivers featured in Volume 1 of 80R; Nobuteru Taniguchi, Under Suzuki, and Yoshiki ‘Fire’ Ando.

We had the idea after the intial release to auction them off and donate the proceeds to charity.  The drivers were on board with the idea and were glad to help out.

This would be a very special edition to own, and it would be helping out a great cause.

The auction is available to bid on here.

A personal note regarding the donation choice from Sean Lucas of NDF:

“As a kid, spending time outside was never even a conscious decision – we were just always happiest when we were out in the open. Growing up in a city aptly named the ‘Gateway to the Sequoias’ gave us access to public lands that at the time I probably took for granted; although looking back now they most definetly played a part in making me who I am today.

That freedom to explore and create a relationship with nature really allows you to feel connected to yourself. It’s one of those things that is hard to explain in words, but can really open you up to different perspectives of life.

I didn’t realize until getting older, but it’s something I highly value now and still engage with regularly. I’m thankful to have had that opportunity when I was a kid and would like to do my part to ensure the next generation can as well. So, we’re auctioning off 2 autographed copies of 80R with all proceeds going to one of the National Park Foundation’s youth focused programs. At WTAC this year Taniguchi Noburteru, Suzuki Under, and Yoshiki Ando were all gracious enough to sign copies of the book for this project.

We’re working to become stewards of the National Park Foundation through donations to the Open OutDoors for Kids program. The National Park Foundation’s Open Outdoors for Kids Initiative introduces and exposes kids — all kids — to experiential, outdoor experiences that promote physical and emotional health, civic engagement and long-term appreciation for nature. Using the spectacular and unparalleled resources of our nation’s more than 400 national parks, the program’s goal is to connect more children to their culture and heritage, enhance hands-on learning opportunities and deepen connections to the natural world.

I will personally match the contribution made from the book auction, with a goal of raising $1,000 to send an entire elementary class to a National Park. 

Thank you to everyone who made the intial launch of this book a success, and I look forward to getting started on Volume 2 next year.”





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