80R Volume 2 Underway

We’re only a few weeks into the new year, but I’ve been floating around Japan for a good amount already collecting content and data for the follow-up of Volume 1.  I really want to do the initial book justice by having a sequel that goes beyond what I was able to accomplish with the first, but still retain the focus behind the magazine itself.  At any rate, you’ll be happy to know that Volume 2 will offer the same quality as the first, but with an added couple features, and that we’re well underway.

I know that NDF has been slow as of late; the book work is partially responsible as I want to include features that are exclusive to 80R.  With time attack in Japan being such a niche motor sport, that leaves me conflicted with what content I should make public.  I’ll do my best to post up some coverage of some of the events I’ve been attending over the past few weeks, without giving too much away for those dedicated to this project.


I’m also happy to announce that we’ll be doing a limited re-release of Volume 1 alongside Volume 2 when the time comes for it to be available for pre-order, however we are limiting the amount to 1,000.  I still want it to be seen as a collectors item, as it is the first ever publication dedicated solely to Japanese time attack.


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