Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a personal project that I’ve decided to make available to the public. It started as a simple organizational task that eventually turned into a creative outlet that allowed me to curate images of nostalgia.

Circuit’ is a collection of photos from courses around Japan, published in A5 format, tailored to elicit sentimental feelings about time spent at the race track. The nostalgia tied to these experiences is arguably personal, but the overall emotion is very much shared.

One of the most beautiful things about a photograph is its adaptability; its ability to mirror the emotions of strangers.

This ended up being a rather unique experience for me. I had to revisit memories from years ago that I’d since tried my best to forget, and I also got to relive some great ones. As strange as it seems, I don’t approach photography from the standpoint of remembrance, although that’s exactly what a photo is; the safeguarding of time. I never think that, while taking a photograph, the subject will eventually not be a part of my life. However, looking back, my photos show me just how much I’ve lost. On the flip side, they also showed me how grateful I am to have experienced this life. They’ve given me assurance that if I continue on this path, whatever it is I may lose along the way, will be brought back to me in some form or another.

I hope that the photos resonate with you in your own way.



Circuit’ will be available Q4 2020 in limited numbersCircuit is not associated with 80R, but will be marketed as a sister publication

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